Watch out, greasers! DiDi Deluxe and The Dirty Devils have broken into the music scene like a bat out of hell! These central Pennsylvania natives are taking timeless troubles of heartache and crime and wrapping them up in a warm blanket of straight honky tonkin' rockabilly.

DiDi Deluxe and The Dirty Devils consists of Jesse Austin on lead guitar, Eric Hamilton on the drums, Chris "Socko" Elliott on upright bass and vocals, and of course the lovely DiDi Shilling on the mic.

DiDi Deluxe and The Dirty Devils are like a machine, cranking out rockin', spinnin', hoppin' tunes that you just can't keep from dancing to.

Don't fight it! Let your feet skip to the beat and hips swing to the riffs. Open your world to these cats and their classic rockabilly sound. I promise it'll do your ears some good.

"No matter who you are, I guarantee there is something for everyone to relate to in their music. There are songs for the working class, such as "Working Woman", songs for the "Rude Screwed and Tattooed", you know who you are, and of course the duet, "Rockabilly Baby" for all the rockabilly couples out there. I could sit here for eternity and write about all their songs and how incredibly badass they are, but I'm gonna wrap it up with my personal favorite, "Midnight Creep". It starts off with a haunting bassline that's slowly picks up all the other instruments as it goes. Then DiDi comes in with these powerful, "I am woman, hear me roar" type lyrics. The Chorus makes me feel like I can put any bad man in his grave with just a mean stare. Ladies, I'm tellin' ya, if you're ever feeling put down, listen to this song. You'll feel like a lioness by the end of it."

Laura Sullivan ~
Tunage Magazine

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